My coaching empowers clients to own their experiences and to be authentic in how they live their lives and lead in the workplace. I believe that everyone has the inherent ability to unlock their full potential and thereby live a life of abundance. Clients are guided to live life congruent to their internal compass. I guide my clients to a place of self-reflection and I offer them the necessary support and encouragement throughout the process. Clients are lead on a path to find their authenticity and I provide them the opportunity to develop a unique signature presence.

Coaching Approach

My coaching goes deeper than goal-based strategies. Clients are taken through a journey of becoming aware of how they embody their existence. One’s ‘way of being’ is influenced by perceptions of the self, of others and the environment we live and work in. By becoming more aware of the self we are able to identify attitudes, perceptions and behaviour that no longer serve us. By living authentically clients are able to unlock the ability to deal with the high demands of work, social- and family life resiliently and to find reward and meaning whilst doing so.
I combine various coaching methodologies and tools in my coaching approach, but existentialism forms the backbone of my approach. I have integrated this approach with the four quadrants integral framework, mindfulness and neuroscience.

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